Erik Stafford

Creative Director

Erik StaffordErik Stafford is a multiple award-winning Creative Director, brand strategist, author, and speaker.

Erik has been artistically inclined from a very young age, skills his parents supported with endless reams of paper and boxes of pens, pencils, and paints. Erik sold pencil drawings recreated from Sunday newspaper comics sections door-to-door to his neighbors as a budding, 7 year-old entrepreneur.

Growing up in Chicago, Erik became interested in graffiti as a teenager, and fascinated with the concept of achieving the “fame” (notoriety) by painting walls and trains across the city as a street artist.

Under the pseudonym “GEAR” Erik painted murals in dozens of different neighborhoods and inaccessible places throughout Chicago during his high school years. He also sold airbrushed jackets to gang members in high school, to finance a comic book addiction and the growing expense of purchasing more professional art supplies.

Erik has a BFA in Fine Arts from The Ohio State University. As an artist, Erik booked, self-promoted, organized and sold-out multiple solo gallery shows in Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles.

While Erik still creates artwork, in his more recent professional career he has released several digital training products and consulted on high-profile launches and campaigns for the world’s biggest brands.

Erik has 20 years of experience tying audiences to objectives with a combination of direct response copywriting, design, storytelling, and brand strategy.

His work has been responsible for millions in sales.

Erik met his wife Wendy on a blind date in college, and is still happily married 21 years later. Together, Erik and Wendy have co-created two amazingly wonderful (and occasionally infuriating) children named Rowan and Evan.

Erik and his family live in the small town of Cape Coral, Florida. When he’s not working, he can usually be found floating in his pool, reading, journaling, or ensconced in his kitchen perfecting various ethnic dishes.

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