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Posted on September 18th, 2019

Every fall our marketers strap rocket boosters on and take off around the globe to share what we have uncovered, unlocked, dug-up, revealed and who we’ve called out.

We love sharing what we’ve learned to help the marketing community grow in their smarts and prowess in integrated marketing, marketing strategy, content marketing, psychographics, PR, eCommerce, SEO, data and more.

Want to catch Aimclear live? Check out where we’re headed in the Fall of 2019.

Marty Weintraub, Aimclear’s Founder?

Marty Weintraub, Founder of Aimclear, in black rimmed glasses, white dress shirt and tie

Marty is a like a satellite circling the globe and gathering intel about everything integrated marketing, performance marketing, branding, RLSA, retargeting, audience pools, social, search, SEO, Psychographics and more. Key stops this fall include:

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Susan Wenograd, Chief Marketing Officer

Susan Wenograd, Vice President of Marketing Strategy, standing in front of a brick wall

Catch Susan on her whirlwind tour from Vegas to Milan. Let her steward you through deep insights into marketing strategy without the baggage bullsh*t. She’s traveling the globe racking up those sweet skymiles arriving in the following destinations:

  • PubCon in Las Vegas, NV; October 7th – 10th?
  • SMX in Milan, Italy; November 5th – 7th

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Dan Morrison, Vice President of Marketing Strategy

Dan Morrison, Aimclear's Vice President of Marketing Strategy headshot

Dan is taking flight and headed east. Dig deep into marketing strategy with a heavy look at the world of Brand Search and Brand Lift Measurement. No matter what side of the hot-button fence you sit on, Dan will usher you through bidding on your branded terms.

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Mark Traphagen, Vice President of Content Strategy

Mark Traphagen, Vice President of Content Strategy while at Aimclear headquarters

Mark is on the move this fall serving his content marketing thought leadership to the masses, lava hot and fresh off the press. Catch Mark for his site and social content; and storytelling secrets to help bring your products and services to life while he’s at:

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Michelle Robbins, Vice President of Product Innovation

Michelle Robbins headshot

Join Michelle as she helps you navigate the torrent found at the intersection of technology, marketing, and data. Take advantage of Michelle’s 20+ years of deep experience as a digital marketing, SEO, and content strategist, analyst, and engineer; to learn how to battle the myths of SEO, learn key needle-moving techniques and uncover the evolution of Search. Destinations this fall include:

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Tim Halloran, Aimclear's Account Services Manager headshot

Facebook’s latest algorithm changes have sparked concern for brand and Facebook page managers-many of whom fear that their organic reach will plummet thanks to a new prioritization of interactions with family and friends. Join Tim for a detailed look into the new updates, how to leverage Facebook’s suite of tools and features, and learn proactive steps to immediately reclaim organic reach. Tim’s stops this fall include:

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